Bob Magruder Home

Aspire Home Care
Imperial Sugar
Boy Scouts of America
Wolf Brand Chili
Texans Helping Texans
Texas Spine and Joint Hospital
Marriage Mentors
Southwest Airlines

Evolve Capital LTD, Dallas, TX
Freed Advertising, Sugarland, TX
Gotham Image, Bellaire, TX
Ryactive Corporation, Walnut Creek, CA
Fogerty Klein Monroe, Dallas, TX
KRLD Radio, Dallas, TX
GCI, Dallas, TX
Brokaw Advertising, Cleveland, OH
Marriage Mentors, Dallas, TX
GSDM, Austin, TX


Choctaw Nation
Institute of Medicine
Junior Achievement
EQT Natural Gas
Metro PCS
Bell Helicopter
Texas Music Association
VSOS Emergency System
Iran Goes Nuclear

Pollaro Media, Denton, TX
Level II, Dallas, TX
The Communication Dept., Dallas, TX
Innovision Communications, Houston, TX
Richards Group, Dallas, TX
Metro PCS, RIchardson, TX
TecFilms, Dallas, TX
C-3 Presents, Austin, TX
LTP Productions, Salada, TX
Tim Malone Productions, Bedford, TX


Bob Leeper for State Senate
Joe Garcia for Congress
Phyllis Keaty for County Judge
Jay Hoffman for State Rep
Barack Obama
Bob Lanier

SNDW Productions, Paducah, KY
Squire Knapp Dunne, Washington D.C.
Teddlie Media Partners, New Orleans, LA
Teddlie Media Partners, New Orleans, LA
U.S. Presidential Election
Mayor of Houston


Funimation (Anime)
Dick Private, Detective

Funimation, Dallas, TX
Third Coast Productons, Sausalito, CA
Television Series
"Cheaters" (VO - 12 years) Goldstein Entertainment, Dallas, TX
Christian Programming

"The Herald of Truth"
"Jesus, His LIfe and times"
"Champions for Children"
"Powerpoint Ministries"

Radio Bible Class Ministries
Herald Entertainment, McKinney, Texas
Christian Motorcyclists Association
Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Audio Books

"The Very First" by Bob Magruder
"Blood Ties" by Sigmund Brouer
"Riding the Crossroads" by Herbie Shreve

Author House Publishing
World Audio Publishing
Christian Motorcycling Association

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